My First Shared Virtual King Cake Birthday Cake

My First Virtual Birthday King Cake.
Given via Facebook by a dear friend,
then "shared" with many..
and of course we all  waited to see who would claim that they got the baby..
as in real life.. no one would "fess up" until at last one did..
 Which brings me to my thoughts on King Cakes

As a Jan. 6th " King Cake Baby" I LOVE the King Cake Tradition.. I've had one every year of my life now.. no matter where I have lived, for 50 plus years.. and although I have had my favorites, it's the tradition that matters more than the flavors, and that you share it with friends .... that my friend, is what makes the VERY BEST King cake!!!!! because without the chance of someone sharing the fun of getting the "baby" or "favor" .. having it alone, is just not the same.. It is part of what builds our sense of strong community here in South East Louisiana, which is why it doesn't always translate well in other areas, you sometimes have to teach newbies how to experience it.. and the joy of chance.....
So since we are here online- and I can't be with ya'll in person.. I hope that you get a piece of King Cake wherever you are.. and if not, at least I hope that you have a little sweet treat to usher in the Carnival Season, shared with a friend...
Happy Twelfth Night and Happy Carnival Season!

 Some places to get King Cake

Haydel's Bakery

 Gambino's Bakery
 ( they have amazing Doberge too)

Nonna Randazzo's Italian Bakery

 thei Zulu Cake is incredible!




 and so many more... and you can  even bake your own!
 It is essentially brioche dough with colored sugar!
 Got a favorite recipe? or place to buy ing cake?
 send it along..

New Poster in my Kitchen

Created by Celeste  of Bouille 
for this year's French Food Festival in Larose

Can't Think of What to Wear for Mardi Gras?

Nicholls, George J. (1917). Bacon and Hams. The Institute of Certificated Grocers.

Bacon and Hams - Bibliography

Bacon and Hams is a 1917 book by George J. Nicholls. Nicholls was such a lover of bacon that he dressed himself up as a side of bacon, and won first prize at the Covent Garden Fancy Dress Ball in April 1894. [1]

The book was referred to with approbation by, for instance, the Saskatchewan Overseas Livestock Marketing Commission (an "admirable and important treatise") [2] and the Bulletin of the British Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food. [3] The book is rare and collectible. [4]

New Year's Eve Dinner at La Provence

If you have never been to La Provence, then it is time that you made reservations to experience one of the finest restaurants that I have ever dined in on this planet.
 Chef Erick Loos  attended the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco, coming to New Orleans to work at John Besh's Restaurant August where he became Sous Chef in two years..  HE spends Summers in Provence, cooking a t the Chateau de Montcaud , He recently won the national Cochon 555 competition, and in 2009, was named chef de cuisine of La Provence! 
He is also one of the leaders in Sustainable farming!!!!!  growing much of the local ingredients used at the Farm at La Provence as well as buying from local producers. 
We are so fortunate to have Erick and his culinary talents grace us  in Southeast Louisiana!

The Menu was exceptional!! 
So very , very hard to decide..

 John started with the Cripsy Brussel Sprouts with Pork Belly Salad.. 
folowed by the  Turtle Soup with slow cooked Chappapeela Farm Duck egg .. 
with a main course of  Pan Roasted Sablefish Piccata with Cauliflower, lemongrass butter and roast crab au jus !!!!
He finished it off with a Quince apple and Pear crostata with chocolate hazelnut gelato! 

I started with the Mirlton stuffed shrimp withe the most AMAZING Blood orange hollandaise 
( I swear that John had to almost stop me from licking the plate it was so heavenly) 

followed by the Lacombe Blue Crab Bisque with jumbo lump crabmeat and tapioca pearls.. 
with a main course of the lobster Ravioli in green curry broth with coconut and eggplant 
( served with fresh mint and basil ) OMG! 

and for dessert- the Brown Butter Financier with dark chocolate marscapone ice cream.

Wishing you all a very wonderful New Year
 immersed in fresh flavorful foods
shared with good friends
 over laughter and love!

Hummingbird Hill Gumbo Z' Herbes

Gumbo Z' Herbes at Hummingbird Hill

Today is Maundy Thursday-
so I made a delicious Gumbo Z'Herbes from the greens and herbs in our garden;

"Hummingbird Hill Gumbo Z'Herbes" 
1/4 cup of fresh butter from a local dairy,
1 tbs flour
1 vidalia onion choped fine and saute with
a handful of fresh spinach, 3 handfuls of fresh romaine lettuce, 1 handful of fresh tarragon, parsley, thyme, oregano and a little Basil all chopped and ground, then add
2 cups of no salt chicken stock
Black and Red Pepper-
and my personal touch-
1 tbs of cinnamon and 4 fresh French Bay leaves.
Bring to a boil and then reduce on medium for 1 hour-
Chop, grind and strain through a sieve,
serve over Atchafalya basin rice
with a generous dollop of crystal hot sauce!

Carrie's Curried Edamame Rice

Another recipe from our Farm: 

Carrie's Curried Edamame Rice

Carrie's Curried Endame Rice ( no salt)
1 cup of Edamame shelled soybeans-( Fresh is nice, but frozen no salt is fine  and quick.)
6 green onions-  chopped.
2 large ginger roots sliced and  diced thin. (2tps for rice the rest (4Tbs?-)- for edamame)
Olive oil as needed
1 Tbs. curry powder
The juice of two lemons
Mango juice
Steamed rice ( I use Lundberg short grain brown rice, but you can use whatever you want. )

1-Steam rice with  2 tbs of fresh ginger in pan. Set aside when done.

2-In a cast iron skillet ( yeah-forget the steel,  I'm a cast Iron Magnolia ;)
Coat the pan with olive oil, sautee 1/2 the  endamame, add, green onions, ginger  until brown,
Add the rest of the edamame, and the curry.
Add rice (  1 cup is fine- more rice if you want it)
Sautee adding olive or other oil to keep from sticking..( you can use butter if you are not on a diet)
When its just about  well mixed and heated..
Add the lemon juice and stir,
Them remove from heat,
Spoon into bowl  and add 1/3 cup of mango juice

Hummingbird Hill's Ruby Throat Warmer!

One of my other blogs is for our Farm and Studio,
where I sometimes post recipes  that come from our kitchen.
Since the weather is getting cooler, I thought it was time to share:

Hummingbird Hill's Ruby Throat Warmer!

Our  best recipe for cold weather 

Hummingbird Hill's Ruby Throat Warmer
  • 1 cup of cranberry juice, 
  • 1/2 tsp  of cinnamon  or a stick if you have one.. 
  • 1 tsp of raw honey 
  • 1/2 of a fresh lemon, juiced and sliced.
  • Heat on the stove till simmering. 
  • Sip slowly.. 
Guaranteed to warm you up on cold day or night!

Chef Paul Prudhommes's 70th Birthday Party

Original K-Paul's Staff members : Sandy Hansen, Dixie Marsella, Chef Paul Prudhomme, Carrie Lee Pierson Schwartz,  Marcia Angelum,  and Sally Sunseri  share a smile at Chef Paul's 70th Birthday Party!
Happy Birthday Chef!

Chef Paul Prudhommes's 70th Birthday Party

The original staff photo taken by Glad Bilby in the early days of K-Paul's Louisiana Kitchen

Chef Paul Prudhommes's 70th Birthday Party

Carrie Lee Schwartz,  Chef Leah Chase, Marcia Angelum and Chef Paul Prudhomme share a smile at Paul's 70th Birthday Party 

Fresh Peach Crepes!

Again, from Toad Hollow.. Father's Day brunch.

Welcome to Ambrozzia!

Why the name Ambrozzia?? Well, one of my favorite things is ambrosia, made with fresh citrus slices and some times coconut. There are an infinite number of ways to fix ambrosia. My grandmother used orange and satsuma slices with fresh coconut- sometimes slightly browned in butter. She did not always use grapefuit. My Aunt Katie did like grapefruit, with brown sugar heated on it. no coconut. My grand father LOVED coconut! So holidays were a lot of hemming and hawing over who was going to make the Ambrosia and how and for who. My high school cafeteria made a version of Ambrosia that they called "Pineapple delight". We called it "Pineapple disgust", although just about everyone ate it anyway. It was Ambrosia made with canned pineapple chunks and mini marshmallows in a sweet foamy mixture of whipping cream. It was immortalized on page 4 of the novel Red Sky at Morning by Richard Bradford, a fellow alumni. It's good, but totally different from Grandma's carefully peeled grapefruit and orange segments. It was my Grandmother's hands that had carefully carefully selected each fruit for ripeness and sweetness, and carefully peeled back every slice and tasted each bowl, and prepared each batch with love for her family on special and even not so special occasions, it was the love and care that went into it that made it truly ambrosia. We often end our dinners with peeled citrus and usually it is grapefruit. I dedicate this site to all those who search for ambrosial delights and to all those to dedicate their lives to making them, especially my Grandmother...
Bon appetit!
-Carrie Lee Schwartz