My First Shared Virtual King Cake Birthday Cake

My First Virtual Birthday King Cake.
Given via Facebook by a dear friend,
then "shared" with many..
and of course we all  waited to see who would claim that they got the baby..
as in real life.. no one would "fess up" until at last one did..
 Which brings me to my thoughts on King Cakes

As a Jan. 6th " King Cake Baby" I LOVE the King Cake Tradition.. I've had one every year of my life now.. no matter where I have lived, for 50 plus years.. and although I have had my favorites, it's the tradition that matters more than the flavors, and that you share it with friends .... that my friend, is what makes the VERY BEST King cake!!!!! because without the chance of someone sharing the fun of getting the "baby" or "favor" .. having it alone, is just not the same.. It is part of what builds our sense of strong community here in South East Louisiana, which is why it doesn't always translate well in other areas, you sometimes have to teach newbies how to experience it.. and the joy of chance.....
So since we are here online- and I can't be with ya'll in person.. I hope that you get a piece of King Cake wherever you are.. and if not, at least I hope that you have a little sweet treat to usher in the Carnival Season, shared with a friend...
Happy Twelfth Night and Happy Carnival Season!

 Some places to get King Cake

Haydel's Bakery

 Gambino's Bakery
 ( they have amazing Doberge too)

Nonna Randazzo's Italian Bakery

 thei Zulu Cake is incredible!




 and so many more... and you can  even bake your own!
 It is essentially brioche dough with colored sugar!
 Got a favorite recipe? or place to buy ing cake?
 send it along..

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